Security Services and Consulting

Assessments, planning and implementation of security programs for clients domestically and abroad. NMATT services support the development and implementation of risk assessments, workplace violence intervention, counter-terrorism programs, aviation security, facilities planning and protection, crisis management, executive protection operations, and anti-kidnapping programs.

Security Services and Training

Our training services include: recognizing, avoiding and countering terrorist actions, anti-kidnappings and violent crimes, route analysis and surveillance detection training, surveillance and counter surveillance training, defensive and evasive driver training, IED recognition training, and executive protection courses.

Business Intelligence and Investigations

NMATT provides our clients with an external intelligence and investigative capability specifically tailored to their needs. Abilities include due diligence, corporate investigations, security assessments, and country risk reporting.

Information Technology and Business Continuity

NMATT provides business continuity services to ensure the success of our client’s business operations.  These services include, Disaster Security Plans, operational response plans for natural and man-made disasters, and integration of IT forensic analysis.